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Casper Electric Equipment Vietnam Co., Ltd (“Company”) would like to sincerely thank our customers for trusting and using our products (air conditioners, components, etc.), and services provided by Casper.

Our Company commits to operate e-commerce activities in accordance with the provisions of the government’s law and regulations addressed in these policies.

In order to ensure your own rights and benefits, before carrying out any transactions with the Company, please read carefully the provisions of these policies to understand the trading process of the Company.

These policies are applied when Customers have a trading relationship with the Company, and at any time Customers use the products and services provided by the Company, which means Customer agrees to the terms the Company specified in these Policies (including additional and amended sections from time to time).

Based on the situation and the actual needs, the Company may adjust these Policies without notice or consent of the Customers. When updating the content of these policies, the Company will edit the "latest updated" time at the end of these Policies. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check these Policies before using the Company's products and services for the latest updates. If the Company updates these Policies and the Customers use the Service after the Policies have been updated, it means that the Customers agree and are bound by the new clause (s) identified in the updated policy version.

Purchasing process

  • a , Consulting :

    When customers come to dealers, distributors of the company or send requests via the company's website, customers will be consulted directly by the company's sales staffs and introduced the best models according to customers' requirements and conditions.

  • b, Order :

    After having chosen a suitable air conditioner, the customer can order the products by contacting the nearest dealer of the company based on the specific guidance of the company sales staffs.

  • c, Payment Method:

    After having agreed to purchase and receive the products, the customer shall pay the Company by cash or bank transfer according to the terms and conditions, which have been discussed specifically.

  • d, Handover :

    After the customer makes payment to the company in accordance with the agreements and during the agreed time, the company will conduct the handover procedures to the customer.

delivery procedures

  • a, Applying range :

    This policy states the basic contents of delivery procedures between the Company and the Customer.

  • b, Place of delivery:

    The company will deliver the products to customers from the warehouse in accordance with the agreed terms from the delivery department.

  • c, Delivery process:

    General principles: The Company only delivers the products at the agreed place. Before the delivery takes place, the Company’s staff will make a call to confirm the time and the place. At the time of delivery, please check the quantity, type, condition and included accessories (if any) in reality to compare with the previous agreement.

    Once the delivery process has been completed, the customer will confirm the delivery in a report.

  • d, Time of delivery:

    Delivery time will be based on the agreed terms.


Return and exchange product policy will be conducted according to the manufacturer's warranty policy.


Customer’s satisfaction is one of our top priorities. That's why we are keeping on serving our customers wholeheartedly and thoughtfully with all our knowledge and experience even after the products have been purchased. With a nationwide warranty network and a team of professional technicians, we can provide maximum support at any time and anywhere.

+ 24/7 Customer Service: At the call center of Casper Vietnam, our dedicated staffs will give customers the best support to ensure the comprehensive solution for problems and meet customer's need. With the call center and 24/7 on duty staffs, we are always ready to receive all of your calls.

Casper customer service hotline: 1800.6644 - 0243.7858.555.

+ Warranty policy:
- TV: Warranty 1 for 1 in 1 year
- Air-conditioner: 1-for-2-year warranty (Applicable to residential air conditioners).
- Water heater: Warranty 1 for 1 in 1 year.


Information privacy policy

In order to ensure website safety and consumer information privacy, Casper Vietnam provides a number of information privacy policies for individual and organizational customers when registering to open an account at Casper website.

The term you used below is to replace individuals or organizations when accessing and using the services of the casper-electric.com website.

The term you used below is to replace individuals or organizations when accessing and using the services via casper-electric.com website.

+ Purposes of collecting customer’s information

Information gathering through website Casper-electric.com will help us

- Understanding the expectations and desires of customers to improve our services

- Helping customers keeping up with promotions, discounts, etc. of which Casper is in charge

- Supporting customers as fast as possible when having any complaints and opinions .

+ Categories of information collection

Casper-electric.com collects customer’s information including:

- First name:

- Last name:

- E-mail address

- Phone number:

- Country:

- City/ Province:

- Address:

+ Information using scope:

Customer’s information privacy is incredibly important to us, so we are committed to absolutely not using customer’s information for purposes that do not bring any benefit to our customers; we are committed to not trading, exchanging customer’s confidential information to any third party. However, in these following special cases, we may reasonably share customer’s information when:

- Customers agree with the information sharing

- To protect the rights of the Company and its partners: we only provide personal information of customers when we can make sure that such information can protect the Company’s rights, properties, and related partners. This information will be legally disclosed in accordance with Vietnam’s law.

- According to requests of government agencies when we find them in accordance with Vietnam’s law.

- In some circumstances, it is necessary to provide other customer’s information, such as promotions sponsored by a third party; we will notify customers before your information being shared. In this case, you have the right to decide whether you accept or not to accept to share your personal information.

+ Information storing time

Casper Vietnam will store the provided customer’s information in our internal systems while we are providing services to the customer, or until the purpose of collecting is obtained, or when the customer requests to delete the provided information.

+ Address of the collecting and managing customer’s information unit

Casper Vietnam electrical equipment Co., Ltd

Address: 1th Floor, 3A Tower, Dich Vong Hau ward, Cau Giay district, HaNoi.

  • Tel: (84-4) 7858.555
  • Fax: (84-4) 38342333

+ Methods and tools for customers to access and edit their personal data.

Customers can execute the above right by logging in the website by themselves, or contacting us via email, or contacting by using the information published on website casper-electric.com.

+ Commitment to protecting customer’s personal information

We are committed to protecting the safety of our customer’s information when registering their personal information with our company. We are committed to not exchanging, buying, as well as selling customer’s information for commercial purposes. We are committed to complying with the company's privacy policy whenever we share and use the customer’s information. We are committed to making you feel good and satisfied with the privacy of personal information when participating and using the services of our company.

- In order to protect the information of customers most effectively, we recommend that you restrict access to your account by automatic login, pay attention to the automatic password saving mode, and ensure to log out of our website’s account when using public computers. We will not be responsible for any problems if your personal information is leaked because of the above reasons.

-The privacy policy is only applied to the information that customers register on the main website of our company casper-electric.com. All information registered by you in other websites or addresses is not included this privacy policy.


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